Over the last several years, I have found it difficult to make new friends. Sometimes I wonder if I have become emotionless and if eventually I will become friendless!! Its been over a decade since anyone became a cherished person or a confidante to me.

I am known to be someone who keeps only a closed circle of friends and someone who appears talkative and an extrovert, yet deep within is a wall of defense that I appear to have built for myself.

I see it, I feel it many a time in my smile, in the super superficial conversations that I can keep up with a few.

I am assuming that I am not lonely in this journey, fact being that I am choosing to write about it while many probably talk about it  or just let it be.


I guess it happens as a survival instinct, you sort of build an invisible wall around, a barricade which ensures that not many emotions & people reach the "heart"!

That little voice which kind of cautions you to stay away.

It is the war between the brain and the heart. The brain says dont get too close, cause there is hurt on the way. Yet the heart appears to have a mind of its own and follows a course that none can control or correct.

Creating an invisible boundary makes it impenetrable. It means that  few negative emotions do not affect you.

I have been called several names in the last few months. Some who see goodness in me call me "Wonderful, The Bull, Iron Lady, Strong Woman, Multi Talented, Creative " and more.

The reality is that you are all of the above and probably more! Wear the hat of a mother, daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, the boss in the office and the friend who is tenacious.

All of the above add expectations.

I now understand the meaning behind the statement "Its lonely at the top".You are tough, capable and staunch in your being.

Being vulnerable is not easy and you plausibly disallow vulnerability too. Many a time it is about staying strong, proving yourself and making it look effortless.

You get habituated to being strong. You have set an expectation that you can handle anything and not be flustered!

It appears that you can take everything in your stride, you are a fighter, made of iron and that you have secured yourself.

I have also been called arrogant, witch, dominating and a lot more, some of which I pretend to ignore.

Founding your own company is not an easy task, if you dont have the above virtues, you end up acquiring them in the course of managing and taking your business to the next level. It is learning on the go, dealing with challenges that arise and simultaneously applying some of those life's lessons at work too!

Considerable wisdom has been acquired in the last few years.

Leading a group of entrepreneurs is no mean task, each person has character and stands tall in their category of business. Being a lady leading them is bigger vice.

It is indeed lonely at the top, you wonder if you have become a Mrs Doubting Thomas and if your associates are really true.

Ever so often you realize that you  dont even have the mind space or the bandwidth to think or feel about the people who are important to you. You do miss them yet an opportunity to express that is rare. Work takes over.

I believe that we are here to make a difference to people. A positive one at that.

May our tribe increase

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, Shopclues...am clueless about the number of providers who are responsible for turning us into a generation of Instant Karma.

A much sought after dress, toy, mobile and just about everything that is "wanted" is available in an instant.

Just like how you can make a cuppa noodles to appease your hunger, in this world you have split second gratification for all that you crave for.

You surf google guru for every small requirement. Google Chechi as I call her directs us,  we have stopped talking to our neighbors/ friends to check for the best restaurant nearby, instead google auto types - restaurants near me!

The Fire TV Stick has enabled on TV several of the old gems that were dear to us (children from the 80's). Swami from Malgudi days is on Amazon Prime. My boys (7,9 & 40+) were addicted and I was delighted. 

Perhaps a tad too early. I found the 7 & 9 year old squabbling since one had watched 15 minutes more while the other was in the bathroom. My delight changed to anguish at being the war breaker between them. 

My son asked me "Amma how could you wait for a whole week to watch just one episode?" 

The reality of the instant world we live punched me on my face. 

We not only waited a whole week, but finished all our chores and homework and if there was a power cut, we learned to live with the disappointment of not getting to see what we missed. Probably as a generation we are stronger and have more strength of character due to our ability to handle downfalls and take failure in our stride. Even if we could not take it in our stride we developed the ability to pick ourselves up every time we fumbled.

In retrospect this created in us several values of appreciating what we had, made us patient, helped us motivate ourselves and sort of even have a goal that we would work on with fortitude.

I have been spectator to manifold show of tantrums for instant gratification adults and children alike. 

I enjoyed visiting a book store, rummaging through the shelves and reading a wee bit here and there, looking and feeling the pages and books. Many a time meeting another bookworm who would say a kind word or two.

I looked forward to library days where I would be surrounded by a galore of books and I would spend time wondering which one to borrow, reading bits & pieces and the review on the back cove.  

I liked the fact that I decided whether or not I liked reading the book based on my opinion and not the hundreds or reviews that I saw online.Now I see a hundred book suggestions/reviews every time I am online, which is practically all day.

We are spoilt for choice in this World. Making cards for Birthdays of friends is passe. The effort is not even required. You log onto an e-tailer and you can have the gift delivered in a few hours with "gift wrapping".

Archaic, but the handwritten cards on hand made papers with crude drawings and expression of love for a lifetime is something we would cherish.

The photograph you take, you can see instantly. Missing is the family tea gathering after the wedding/event to see the pictures and peals of laughter at awkward poses and expressions. These real situations have now been replaced with a lifeless "emoji" most of which need explanation to a layman like me.

Life is INSTANT! The awkward expression is corrected, the candid pose is still picture perfect, the imperfections can be amended, effects can be added and you can look like or become a celebrity in an instant.

Anything that you need, a ticket, a drink, groceries, books, apparel, is all just one click away. A dish that you crave for is also available at your doorstep.

How then do you practice or learn the meaning of patience, or the value of waiting for something that you have been craving for.

Even love in this world seems instant. Dating apps make a partner available on the spot and hell, you even have help in building your profile and taglines on these apps.

The next generation is being treated treated to an extravagance of everything instant. Are we getting used to it too?!

Instant Noodles, Instant Gratification, Move on, Fast Track generation, and of course comes with it the man made Instant Karma.

Looks like the day when you can order instant karma like a bunch of flowers and have it delivered at a doorstep is not too far away!

My son asked me "Amma" why dont you paint the nails on your hands?

A seemingly innocent question, the answer not so easy!

Truth is and believe me when I say- that it is maintenance free!! How? do you wonder?! Logic in my head says, if I paint my nails, thanks to all the house work, it would chip off in a few days and I may not really have the luxury of doing them again. I would rather be seen without nail polish than with chipped nail paint!

Same logic applies to painting toes in light colors so they look neat and clean for a couple of weeks atleast!πŸ˜’

The lady at the parlor squints when my friend says - Don't touch the upper lips, shabby eyebrows are ok, but I cannot be caught with that little mustache that grows off the edges of my lips!😳

Most of us are the queens of our lives. The loving princess perfect to her father, the heroine of her children, the queens who occupy centre stage in the world of our spouses.

If the princess darling of our lives the "Maid does not turn up" we are the washing queens with that mega haul of utensils that sit in the kitchen talking to us and staring us beckoning us to pay attention to get them gleaming all over again.

When the washing machine or the "washerman/woman" twerk their noses at us, the pile of laundry hollers from every corner of the house, with grim reminders to consider them urgent and turn them out to dry.

My dreams of living in a large luxurious home are generally interrupted with the desire to be "practical" and live in a compact home that would be easier to clean, when my dependable help decides to become undependable as a regular feature!πŸ™Œ

My husband feels every time he says he does not need lunch he can see hear and feel that inner joy! Reality it converts into one less task on thinking what would be an "acceptable" lunch for the kids and the husband and self. Of course not to forget the extra ten minutes of snooze granted to you by the queen herself!πŸ˜€

Texting in the loo, catching up with your girlfriend while driving (headphones of course), waking up 20 minutes early to catch a few moments and a cuppa to yourself, the next me time you know is atleast 24 hours away. Vices that we are all prone too.

Talking to the world about your children, announcing that you are studying for middle school and primary schools exams and hence a call or a meeting in the evenings is a definite "No Show". 

Taking conference calls on mute because at that moment is when the children decide to noisily bicker!

Making Gillette Venus your best friend in replacement of the salon, preparing the next days snack whilst cooking dinner, laying out the work wear for the morning, cleaning the bathroom when the kids are showering, ironing uniforms to last an entire week Ahem!

Standardizing toothbrush colors for the children, buying socks in the same color for yourself so you dont have to look for a pair.

There is madness and mayhem, blanking out, zoning out, missing keys, missing the most important item on the to do list is all too common. Mixing up clothes, medicines, homework I hear quite often.  

Online groceries, clothes that dry fast, wearing the apron over that little black dress to finish up with the chores just before a girls night out.

Superwoman. Wears her crown with grace and elan .The Queen of Sheeba, Cleopatra, Rani, Reina, Mallika, Regina! The Queen of Hearts, The Queen of Multi Tasking, Queen of disaster management, Queen of Resourcefulness, Drama Queen, Scatter Brain Queen. Heroine to the children, Queens of glamour and the Queens of the hearts.

Superwoman - eminence to you. Tag another superwoman who inspires you.

It was a normal day and I was busy with client meetings and work as usual. My buddy Vandana who is in Florida, pinged me to ask if anyone could help her mom with the ticket booking to Florida.

I had given her a disclaimer that every time she needs something for herself or her parents in India she must check with me.

I referred Sujith Sunny from our chapter who could help her with the tickets. She got in touch with him and I could see both of them were upbeat. Vandana,since the whole process was extremely hassle free. Sujith since, she was the only customer who had asked him what his service charges were. Also she was very clear about the tickets and the flights and the route that she wanted.

Since the parents would be away travelling, they needed a Security system at home - none other than Vasanth from Safe Hands. So he got a referral too, the couple had a detailed conversation from USA to understand what everything meant. None of the other providers had given such details, and the ones that Vandana's mom met, complicated the system explanation. By the end she did not even want to have a security surveillance system installed.

They also needed a house keeping services since the previous one was unreliable and inexpensive. Who other than Taranath to meet the expectation of being reasonable and reliable? Reference provided with the quotes.

Man proposes and God disposes, to their sadness Vandana's mother had a nasty fall and injured her hip, an emergency surgery was scheduled and Vandana flew to India to ensure her mother is well cared for.

Post the surgery, she wanted the post operation support for speedy recovery, so she can take her mom to the USA. She needed 24/7 nurse care, physiotherapy for her  mom. Who better than our Doc Madhusudhan, who took her under his expert team and care.

She again blocked her parent's tickets to USA through Sujth.

RideMix for her airport transfers and probably for her parents when she goes back .

Vandana is so full of gratitude that she did not have to deal with the numerous calls to/from Justdial for these services and that most of what she wanted was just a call away and a trusted reference.

She says that the entire episode of her mother falling at the age of 75 was harrowing and dealing with an 85 year old dad and her mom was far bigger a task than managing the three children that she has. 

However her experience here has been seamless and she realizes what a powerhouse BNI can be. Her nightmare turned into quite a fairytale. 

She is happy that she could just contact one person and get a gateway to so much that she needed. Infact now her relatives and family want to know how she managed to get everything done so efficiently.

She is sure that whenever she is looking at property in Bangalore, she will again get in touch for a dependable person.

At Tampa she runs her own Interior designing firm and jewelry line and is now convinced that she must somehow join BNI and bring to reality what she has envisaged for herself as a business woman.

BNI is not just about give and take, it is a potent ecosystem in itself that supports growth.

I jogged today, by the lake which is one of my favorite places, where thoughts accompany me more than anyone else. That bliss and solitude of being able to be one with nature whilst soaking in several reflections is a space I treasure.

The weather was pleasant and I could hear the thundering clouds, the breeze was refreshing and it was a relief to be out from the scorching heat that Bangalore has been subject to in the last few months.

The heavens opened up and there was a big downpour, there were few people walking and everyone scurried for shelter on the tank bund. Few found trees, while few cut short their walk, some more chose to run, the children playing cricket dashed right out of the park. 

The rain lashed out and got heavier, I could not see much, the ground below my feet was all slippery and slushy, the jog however was enjoyable and the rain seemed to be watering away all my troubles. The reflective thoughts in me turned to enjoyment, of just the ecstasy of letting the rain drench away the worries and the maladies. I saw the sheltered few staring at me with amusement and a smile.

To me the world had stopped, I knew nothing of what was on my mind, I had no control over when I chose to ponder about, it was just "being in the moment". For several minutes I just stood by myself enjoying myself, surrendering to the "raw power" of nature.

I felt the rain beating down on me, it was cold, the breeze added charm to the slight shivers. There was beauty around me, the leaves sashaying like they were dancing to the rain,bamboo shoots swaying like they were welcoming the rain, the smell of the earth in the rain was tantalizing, the view was blurred and I could see no further than a few feet, yet I continued to move. 

The rain calmed my senses and soothed me into a different realm of thoughts. 

I went back to a few events of my life:

I fought against all odds and signed up for a piece of land, even though I was quite unsure, it never materialized and I lost my investment.

I ran after my dream job, and I got it too, later to realize that the dream was more about the money and not about what I was passionate about.

I tell my children they can be whatever they please to be, yet they must achieve great grades, now I realise I am not convinced if that even applies in today's world. Still the need in me to oft repeat this statement to them.

I lost contact with a good friend, I now recall literally annoying her to be in touch with me for the longest of times...and feeling the turmoil every night, am much at peace after accepting that the relationship no longer exists.

I remember chasing a promotion that was never even meant to be, I feel the pain of being rejected, now I see logic and understand it was never meant to be.

I know the anxiety of wanting to have a child, combating the odds, it happened when it was meant to.

I re-live the panic at losing a game, I bethink the multiple prayers for something that was never meant to be.

I can envisage several instances where I have force fitted my needs, my wishes and wants onto myself and others - antithetical to what was meant to be, more often than not these situations have yielded no peace, no happiness and no results.

I can look at the number of times I was sick and my body would need the rest, yet I battled the odds, just to tell myself I could handle anything.

I know I have said, I surrender, but have spent disquiet moments waiting for the outcome I desired.

I can dwell on the number of times I have held on and and not surrendered to the emotions or the feelings that I have felt. Probably that is so deep rooted in my, that the trend of choosing holding onto control would be far higher than the times I give into vulnerability and surrender.
  I have blamed others, my loved ones for my feelings and emotions of pain and hurt, not because I accepted what was within me, but because I wanted to be in control and hence I could never be wrong. It seemed that the easiest way, was to say how the other made me feel.

Time changes you and the events that encompass you, yet we expect everything else to remain at a constant, whether its a relationship or an emotion.

I liked to believe that I was one of those people who believed in the greater power and could surrender myself to that power and everything else.

The rains today chaperoned a question to me:

"Are you in Incomplete Surrender or In "Complete Surrender"?

Children I see are the best example of being in complete surrender to their emotions and feelings...

There has been an uneasiness in me, every time something was going the way I wanted it to, sort of coerced the universe to drive it my way, yet it was not meant to be. ..some of these situations still make me queasy, although it is exactly what I wanted and the way I wanted it.

Disclaimer : Surrendering to what is is does not absolve you from the actions that you need to take to achieve your goals. It only means that you have the ability to dream a dream and work towards it, yet being open to riding in the direction of the winds and allowing the winds to propel you to your destination.

My blog page is called "eventful" ! I have always believed that life has a way of serving up the most unforeseen twists and turns in contradiction to what you normally plan. Although I would like to believe that I am adaptable to such uncertainties, I think now, maybe I am not!

Becoming an entrepreneur teaches you a lot of lessons.  The plusses and the adrenalin rush that you experience when you 

Even if I were to blow my own trumpet, now I think vainly so... I always thought I was not change resistant, I could improvise at the last minute, manage myself and manage any situation and every other thing that made me believe I was like the flexible reed ready to bend and bow.

The last few months have been a path of one self discovery after another. What have I learned about myself in those months?

Some ideas in my mind are so strongly embedded, that I would rather hold on to them than let go! 

Anything that is done in haste without deliberation can backfire on you. Bigtime! I have been too quick and hasty in judging people and probably lost a couple of wonderful friendships by now. All because I judged too soon, I hurt too soon or I simply gave up too soon.

I recently took a call to give up the comforts of my stable,secure, cushy foreign government job to start a company with a trusted business partner. 
I know that I definitely trust myself and my business partner and the model we have envisioned for the company.
I also believe that in our quest to make a positive difference to people's lives, we will make our fair share of Vitamin M too. Yet there are times when "Anxiety" rules and spreads its menacing tentacles around, keeping me in its stronghold and deterring me from moving forward.

When my 6 year old son talks about growing up to be a comedian having his shows across UK, USA and Japan, my heart bulges with pride and I tell him, you can be whatever you want, keep your dreams alive. Yet I find myself saying to him, hey you what you still need to study and get good marks (80% and above)!

My 8 year old devours books, and is a pro at computers and all things technical, I swell with pride again, though when his handwriting lags, I tend to question his interest in studying!

All of this and more is dictated by "Anxiety". What I find difficult is sometimes letting go of the anxiety of the uncertainty that dictates, beyond us all. 

Sometimes there is no logic to that feeling, sometimes I quieten it, sometimes I bear no control over it and then it nightmarishly magnifies into a gigantic monster. Many a time I become the monster in the situation.

We tend to live in this perception of the quintessential life, a life of perfection until we learn to let go and then the real picture manifests, sometimes to our pride and happiness and sometimes to our disappointments and displeasure. 

Either way,life will go on, events are bound to happen, you will make mistakes, you will be caught off guard and there will be lows and highs.

What is due to you will certainly be yours, when it is meant to be. Try swimming against the tide and you will see that the effort only drains you while you remain at where you started or further away still.

5:20 am : A Cold Sunday Morning. 

No alarm, yet the mind's alarm wakes me up on the dot, without fail every Sunday.

I look at the boys, fast asleep. 

Mommy in me feels like letting them sleep for a few minutes more.

I go to them and whisper, hey do you want to sleep in today or go for your football/cricket classes? The answer with sleepy eyes is YES AMMA,we will go to the ground..

The tone for the day is set with the enthusiasm the children have.

6:00 am The boys are ready in their uniforms, spic white for cricket and red for football. We still have 15 minutes so we decide to cycle to the ground for their sports practice.

It is cold and nice, I enjoy the speckle of sunlight and the morning dew. Traffic is sparse with just the few newspaper boys and milkmen all cloaked up.

To me chaperoning the boys for their respective classes is no chore. It is JOY. Unmatched and unparalleled. 

6:15 am The venue is a burst of energy. Effervescent, ebullient, bubbly,exuberant and every adjective that can describe the numerous activities and the upbeat energy.

While waiting for the football coach to arrive, I usually jog around the periphery and love the fact that is not crowded. Two rounds later, I see many children, adults, men, women milling in to start their games. 

Manifold of games - Cricket, football, karate, basketball,badminton,throw-ball and the groups of people in their improvised attires that have gathered to play a game of cricket.

A Women's Throw-ball team that has a sprightly old gentleman playing with them catches my attention. I am mesmerized. I am touched to see a teenager, few home keepers dressed in a saree or a salwar kameez, several college students , some in tracks, some in shorts.

They play with grace and elan. Not a trace of hesitation in them.I notice a lady who must easily be in her 50's clad in a saree. She is engrossed in her game and they recently won a match against another locality. I am surging with pride to see them play with gusto.

7:00 am I want to remain seated for a few minutes before I rush back to my weekend chores. 

I soak in the sounds and the energy from the ground and the people.

The cry of "Ball"..Aunty -  Ball ball Ball shakes me up and I retreat back to reality, and acknowledge my admiration for 

The coaches who may or may not be in other full time jobs, but are here to mentor the children.

The children of all ages who gather at the specified time, come rain,shine or dew.

The adults who use the venue for rekindling the child in them.

The parents who encourage their children to pursue such sports and hobbies.

I look at myriad emotions that play out here in the brief time that I spend here.

The joy of scoring runs, goals, of leading the team to victory, the elation at being the man of the match, of having played well, of celebrating a win with your team. The bond with the fellow members in strategising as team, the heady high when they shine and play their best game.

Discipline, persistence, will power, the urge to play and win, the disappointment of losing, knowing that they have no choice but to go when the umpire declares you as "OUT". Giving another a chance to play, bonding with your team"BRO" seems to be the word for addressing team members.

Dejection at not being selected, angry at yourself that you let the team down. Changing the plan or strategy, following instructions, accommodating the others who use the venue to play their game, indeed shouting and letting your guard down,playing in a team, accepting defeat for reasons other than just yourself.

I see a Lions share of learning coming from :

These children are learning to lose, learning to let go of victory. They know how crushing defeat can feel, they know what it means to be disappointed.

I see them learn that you cannot always be perfect and that you never will be. I see them understand that they can look at everyday as a new opportunity.

Knowing that he/she played their best, yet could not achieve victory for their team.

Our world today is permeated with luxuries and we tend to "over protect" our loved ones from being exposed to "hurt" whether physical or emotional.

I see that these children in sports, pick up the spirit of "being hurt" in all the senses and see them build in them the resilience to deal with it and yet get on with hope.

These are just few benefits that I can think of,  of course the one that makes most impact is how much healthier it makes a person, to just be in sports. 

Life with all its events and elements can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burdened - several times.

Many a time, we get lost in this fast paced choatic life with its myriad aspects, and that is the time to reintroduce you to yourself and appreciate your life.

In the recent few weeks,inundated is how I have been feeling with the innumerable things that I am doing.

Being an entrepreuneur, in ways more than one, being Mommy, daughter, daughter in law,sister, friend, soulmate,wife and most importantly the "Taxi Driver"!!

There appears to be so much on my schedule and plate that I do feel like taking another sojourn to the Himalayas.The thought of being away from routine and normalcy was alluring, however not real or feasible at the same time.

Taking flight or running away seems to be the best answer and I am doubtless that we all do indulge in it in our own special ways. 

Since the option of ambling away from my everyday was unavailable to me, I started exploring what were the other things that would help me.

I am guilty of retail therapy at times, my friend does a spa outing, another goes for a movie, some of them travel, some paint, few make jewellery and so on.

So I sat down thinking I would do something that relaxed me.To my consternation, I did find a chunk of things that I love and would take away my mind from the flux it was going through.

Driving, reading a book, writing my blog, going on my walk, talking to a girl friend, going to the library, sitting in silence, cooking, baking,going to the temple are a few that I can think of.

For all of us in this mad mad world, I am sure there are activities that could calm you and help you find yourself when in a space of pandemonium.

It is indeed about finding yourself and doing the things that you love, that will mitigate the bedlam in your mind.

It not about imitating or trying to fit in or doing something just for the sake of doing it. If I were to follow someone else who liked crowds and malls, I would come away feeling worse than before, for that is just not me.

Find Yourself, Make a manifest of that you would love to do in this lifetime. It could be anything at all.

Here is my lineup of things that I  yearn to engage in ( am sure there will be more to this)

  1. A few more treks up the Himalayas (Leh Ladakh,Nepal,Bhutan) am smiling already!πŸŒ„
  2. Yellowstone National Park , Yosemite National Park in USA🌎
  3. Switzerland and Paris
  4. Brazil and the untouched forests of South America
  5. The Pyramids of Egypt
  6. Safari in Kenya and the Masai Mara
  7. Participate in a Car Rally (Probably comes easy with 2 decades of driving)!
  8. Girls only outing/vacation with a few of my best buddies
  9. Recognition for entrepreneurship 
  10. Camping outdoors with my boys
  11. Wearing heels of 5" or moreπŸ‘ 
  12. Red Lipstick πŸ‘€πŸ’„πŸ‘€
  13. Zipping around in my SUV (Red)
  14. A Fossil watch ( Rolex isnt my type you seeπŸ˜‡)
  15. Learn to swim🏊
  16. Start my own fashion label
  17. Write a few bestseller books and make tons of money$$
  18. Vacation for my Ma and Pa
  19. Get back to college and act like I am 16πŸ‘§
  20. Start an enterprise to help the ultrasmart children tap into their potential and interest
  21. Wake up to having slept enough and not an ALARMMMMMM!( Mommies I know you are with me on this)πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
  22. Become someone famous and sign autographsπŸ™Œ
  23. Run a homestay nestled away from the urban landscape and meet different kinds of peopleπŸ’’
And as I list the catalog of my life that I want to fill up, the discord of having too much to do slips into oblivion, am cheerful about having done myriad things that gave me pure joy and have been ticked off my agenda already.

We may complete a few and many may still remain on the list, but if you found yourself in the few things you did,that says it all.

Dream up your list,share it, live it and FIND YOURSELF.

Who really is your valentine? 

The person you had a crush on?

Someone you fell in love with?

Your Soul mate? Romantic Life partner?

Somebody about whom you cannot stop thinking and cannot have enough of being with?

Probably that person who makes you feel complete?

The one whom you can reach out to with your silliest fears and tears?

The one who will lend you a shoulder when you agonize over a trivial fight with your best friend or your mother?

The one who will laugh at you when you trip, instead of picking you up!?

The one who will agonize with you when your crush sees someone else, and then be downright angry that you are sad and weepy and will not hesitate telling you that?

The one you can completely hate at a moment and melt in love just the next minute!


Was it your mother who smothered you with all her love who you fell in love with beyond yourself, and no matter how old you grow, she will always remain your first love.

Was it the hero in your life – your father, you loved in your teens?

Was it your sister or brother or cousin with whom you fought yet could not bear to be separated from for more than a few hours?

Was it your best friend, whom you made your valentine, because you really did love her/him truly, madly deeply?

Was it your neighbour or classmate, whom you thought you secretly loved?

Was it an aunt or an uncle that you adored in your childhood and really love and respect even today?

Have we in our zest to commercialize love, started to create boundaries to define the meaning of “love”?

Why have we started to define frontiers to “Valentine”?  Is it not possible to love more than one person? Don’t you love your parents, siblings, friends and your romantic partner too?

How and why did the definition of valentine have to change as we grew older?

Isn't it true that when you love someone, you are thrown off balance, when the equation in the relationship changes even a little bit? And this applies to every relationship that is close to you.

As a child my Dad was my first Valentine and hero.

During college,  my best friend doubled up as my valentine and to date remains my first and my best valentine.

Despite being in two different corners of the world, we are connected and would instinctively know if something was not right with the other.

We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it. John Lennon